23 November, 2008

Homemade Holiday Links

Whether you are always in the spirit of making gifts for the holidays or find yourself in a tight spot this year, I have found some ideas for a holiday from scratch.  I think this allows us to dwell on what this time of year is really about and be thankful for what we have and are able to create.
  • Looking for fun gifts for your kids - check out these ideas for felt boards.  I love the idea of making theme sets - holidays, three bears, little red hen, very hungry caterpillar, etc.
  • Photobooks are always appreciated.  Make your own or order from your favorite site - some ideas could be an alphabet book for the kiddos using their personal faves, or putting together a personal recipe book of family favorites.
  • Check out this list of found ideas from nea over at What's in a name?  I particularly love the recipes from Whole Foods - cinnamon pancakes anyone?  Yummy.
  • Also, check out nea's set of wooden blocks she made for her son.  It seems that a set of basic wooden blocks can entertain kids for hours.
  • Kids into building? Be green and reuse old cereal boxes, oatmeal containers, toilet paper rolls, etc by wrapping them in plain colored paper to make big cardboard blocks.
  • I couldn't leave out the crockpot.  Yes, the crockpot lady has figured out how to make candles in the crockpot.  Who knows what she'll think of next.
  • Know someone with kids living in a small space?  This easy to use and easy to store puppet theatre in the doorway is a great gift with a set of puppets.  Even better make your own easy puppets or give the family a materials to make their own sock puppets.  
  • I will never forget the sweet and tangy flavor limoncello from our trip to Italy - try out this lovely recipe from Sunset and maybe bottle it up for your favorite holiday hostess or fellow lover of all things Italian.
  • And, lastly I love this idea from Martha Claus and her elves, to sew these adorable leaf motif pillows for someone.

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