07 November, 2008

Halloween (one week late)

Pumpkin time with Mama.

Trying to pose in Halloween garb.

Quickly got the hang of it.

Okay, I finally posted some photos.  I will add more later because I am not able to upload all the photos right now.  Amongst all the hope and disappointment that everyone if feeling, I find myself pulling inward and focusing on what is most important for me, my girls.  Whatever rights I have or don't have right now will not take away the love, strength, compassion, tolerance, endurance, and passion, that exist in our home.  Who else could teach this to me, but our two toddlers.  Patience and faith is not only being tested outside our walls, but inside, as well, as we continue to struggle with sleep, behavior, and potty issues.  Sound familiar to anyone?  Yes, we will overcome.  Political really is personal, isn't it?  

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nea said...

i agree. no one can take that feeling away from you. and you have two adorable girls!