21 December, 2008

happy hearts, warm home, long night

Tonight we celebrate the Winter Solstice. It is a time that we focus on our family in a simple and nurturing way. We turned down invitations for holiday gatherings tonight, so we can provide a calm presence for our children during the rushed madness that always seems to be the holidays around us. What does this mean? Warms cups of soup, making popcorn strands for the winter angels outside and snowflakes for our home, quiet games and stories, cuddling by the fire, and finding joy in our health and happiness during this longest night of the year. This coming week we will continue to celebrate Christmas with our loved ones around us, but I think it will always be this night I love best. I see it as an opportunity to create our own traditions and enjoy the season in the way I love best - with love and simplicity.


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I love your last lines of this post so very much! These are the things I also hold close to my heart! Beautiful!